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Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

whimsy wooden puzzles jigsaw for adults At Peaceful Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles we pride ourselves in being different from our competitor’s. We offer the largest selection of Fine Art wooden puzzles and a choice of 3 different sizes for most all of our puzzles. And although we share the fun whimsical shapes throughout our puzzles, we offer more of a challenge than most. Our twirly shapes are quite unique and seem to have their own crazy personality. We hope you will find hours of enjoyment when assembling our puzzles.

Custom Puzzles Make a Great Gift!

Send us your image and we will create your unique photo puzzle from unforgettable moments, family portraits, fun snapshots, beautiful holiday memories or your own artwork!

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I received the puzzle and wanted to tell you HOW BEAUTIFUL it is! Not only is the quality of the puzzle exquisite, but its presentation in the quality box with the tissue and the custom lettering perfectly sized to fit the lid totally exceeded my expectations. You obviously put a lot of love and care into your product and it shows. Thank you for enabling me to give my beloved sister a birthday present she will surely cherish forever.

Our Most Popular Puzzles

These have been our best-selling puzzles. We update these based on current sales.