Frequently Asked Questions

What are the size of your Puzzle Pieces?
Puzzle pieces are dime to quarter or ½ to 1 ½ inches in size . We recommend our puzzles for teens and older. We suggest that an adult work with children under 8 years old.

When will I receive my order?
Each puzzle is made-to-order. We do not stock any of our puzzles. Contact us if you need it rushed.

How are your Puzzles Packaged?
Puzzles are packaged in a two-part box made of stable cardboard with the puzzle image printed directly onto the product box. In the early 1900’s wooden puzzles were sent without an image giving the puzzler another challenge. If you like, you may request to have your puzzle sent without an image.

How to Care for Your Puzzle
Our Heirloom puzzles will last for years with simple care. Store your wooden puzzles in a dry place to prevent moisture damage.There is always a charred wood aroma from the cutting process. This aroma will dissipate once the box is opened and the pieces have a chance to air out.

I have a broken piece. What can I do?
Some of our pieces are intricate and may be fragile. Take care when assembling or disassembling your puzzle. A bit of wood glue will rescue your puzzle piece should you accidentally break a piece.

Refund and Return Policies
We cannot accept returns of custom puzzles. If you any issues with your puzzle, or wish to exchange, please contact us.